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Workshop / School "Big Data Sciences for Bioacoustic Environmental Survey"

"Big Data Sciences for Bioacoustic Environmental Survey" - Worskhop / School
Axe de recherche Information
21 & 22 April 2015
Toulon, Provence, France

2nd call - 10th Adv. Multimodal Information Retrieval school / workshop

ERMITES brings together leading researchers to gain deeper insight into current research trends in scaled bioacoustic information retrieval, in series of long talks, during which attendees are invited to interact. The target audience ranges from graduates / PhDs, post-doctorals, to academic or industrial researchers. Participant can present research (poster or oral), to be published in the proceedings.

Participants is limited to 50 persons (first come first served policy).

Program :

A) Methods

B) Research on the field / industrial applications

ERMITES15 focuses on bioacoustic pattern detection & classification,
at low signal to noise ratio and large scale. The objectives are :

Illustrations of the methods are given from cetaceans to birds songs, bats to dolphins... Biodiversity analysis and environmental care projects are direct outcomes of these researches. A special session presents software and hardware demonstrations under monitoring scenarios.

Important Dates :

Final registration (payment) until 20th March
If you aim to submit a paper : abstract before 15th March, final paper
due to 5th April

Registration fees are only 80 euros per person, including 2 meals,
coffee breaks, and proceedings (additional 20 euros for the gala

Access :

ERMITES is accommodated by Univ. Toulon easy to reach by TGV or plane
(nearby airports : Hyères-Toulon, Marseilles, Nice).

Prog. Co. : H. Glotin (pres.), P. Flandrin, A. Joly, G.Pavan, C.
Gervaise, D. Mauuary
Org. Co. : L. Alecu (pres.), J. Razik, R. Balestriero, H. Glotin

ERMITES is supported by UTLN and SABIOD MASTODONS CNRS project

Université de Toulon - http://www.univ-tln.fr/Workshop-School-Big-Data-Sciences-for-Bioacoustic-Environmental.html - comweb@univ-tln.fr