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Located on the La Garde Campus in a modern and pleasant setting, the Faculty of Languages and Humanities specialises in literature and foreign languages with degrees also offered in Humanities (Sustainable Tourism), Art and Culture, as well as Applied Foreign Languages to prepare students for career opportunities in diverse fields such as Education, Research, Translation, Tourism or Communications.

The Faculty of Languages and Humanities offers :

The Faculty of Languages and Humanities emphasizes the importance of an individualized approach. Each high school student who wishes to enrol at the Faculty of Languages and Humanities receives personalized advice on the degrees and career opportunities. Freshman’s week enables 1st year students to quickly adapt and tests early in the semester enable students to quickly evaluate their progress. Following the first semester exams, the Faculty offers a tutoring programme for students with difficulties.

1st and 2nd year Bachelor’s Degree students receive training and guidance in developing their career plans. Each year in March, the Faculty also organizes a Career Fair which provides students with the opportunity to network with professionals and enquire about graduate and post graduate studies.

The BABEL Research Unit specialises in 3 areas of research (Languages and Speech, Literature, Culture and Civilisations) and, in 2013, had approximately 50 professors/researchers and twenty-five doctoral students.



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