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Located on the La Garde Campus, the Faculty of Sciences and Technolgy proposes degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science offering students career opportunities in such flourishing fields as sustainable development, environmental sciences, materials, engineering, or education.

To improve the transition from high school to university, the first semester of the Bachelor’s Degree is dedicated to acquiring fundamental notions, emphasizing rigorous scientific methods. Guiding students as they develop their career plan, the Faculty of Sciences and Technology offers skills-based coursework in the Bachelor’s Degree to develop a student’s effectiveness : English and French courses, Project Management, International Mobility, and Career Planning etc. Students are assigned mentors who work with them to overcome any difficulties they may encounter.

The Faculty of Sciences and Technology offers professional Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree with internship opportunities in either a company or research unit. The Faculty also participates in the University of Toulon’s Career Week. One full day of mini-seminars is dedicated to scientific fields. This gives students an opportunity to exchange ideas with industry experts.

There are six research units directly affiliated with the Faculty of Sciences and Technology. Students may pursue their studies in scientific research and obtain a PhD.

The Master’s Degrees specialising in research also have an international dimension thanks to partnerships with other European and non-European institutes and universities. Students have the opportunity to pursue a semester or their entire degree abroad.

The Faculty of Sciences and Technology works closely with local secondary schools to encourage sciences and alsio organises the “Faites de la Science” annual contest. The professors and doctoral students regularly participate in forums, open houses and the “Fête de la Science”.



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