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Specialised in Business and Administration, the IAE offers 7 degrees from a Bachelor’s to a PhD. Admission to the IAE is by application only. Applicants will then take a national entrance exam and be interviewed individually.

The degrees offered are professionally-oriented and combine theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Over half the courses are taught by industry professionals. At the end of the year, students conduct an internship (10-week internship for 3rd year Bachelor’s degree students to a 26-week internship for 2nd year Master’s degree students). Each year, the IAE Alumni Association organizes a Job/Internship Fair, inviting many local businesses.

The IAE in Toulon works closely with its counterpart in Nice to jointly propose the Master’s Degree in Management Sciences specialising in Research as well as to oversee the Management Research Group Research Unit (GRM). This offers students the opportunity to pursue a PhD.

The IAE also provides international opportunities. The IAE offers a Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance and Management Control (FECG) at the Finance Academy in Vietnam and offers a dual Bachelor’s/ Benke Degree in Management Sciences with the University of Nankin (China).

The IAE will relocate to the new University of Toulon downtown campus, near the Porte d’Italie, in September 2014.



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