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COSMER Laboratory

The COSMER team brings together research and teaching skills in mechanics and robotics (sections 60 et 61 of CNU). The missions of the research unit consist of conducting research activities in mechatronics (mechanics and robotics), in conjunction with the regional industrial sector, and in particular defining research activities in underwater robotics in cooperation with Ifremer.

Direction of lab :

Director : Vincent HUGEL, University Professor.

Composition of lab :

The COSMER laboratory is composed of twenty full teacher-researchers.

Research Topics / teams

The unit develops two main research topics :

For a list of COSMER lab publications visit https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/COSMER

Find out more about COSMER, its current research projects, marine and maritime industry partners and details on the Master ROC.

Scientific support to courses

Partnership / networks :

Université de Toulon - https://www.univ-tln.fr/COSMER-Laboratory.html - comweb@univ-tln.fr