Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Studies


Located on La Garde campus, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Studies offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate’s Degrees which give students to career opportunities in education, athletic training, coaching, sport and leisure activities, health, safety, sports management, or scientific research.

The Bachelor’s degree aims to develop interdisciplinary technical, institutional, and scientific knowledge in Physical and Sports Education. The Faculty also places a lot of emphasis on workforce integration. Starting as early as the first year, students are required to do internships to help them progressively define their career goals. In the second year, students then receive introductory training to help them choose one of the following specialisations :

With the learning process focused around sports, the faculty work closely with students, notably in facilitating the integration of 1st year students thanks to tutoring and study programmes.

Students may choose to pursue a Master STAPS “Grand Sud” Degree jointly offered by the Universities of Nice, Marseille, Montpellier and Avignon. The University of Toulon offers two first-year Master’s Degree programmes in (“Sciences and Athletic Training Techniques” / “Adapted Physical Education and Health” and “Human Movement Science”) as well as a second year Master’s Degree in “Human Movement Science”) specialising in research.

The partnership with the ESPE Academy enables students to pursue their studies with a Master’s Degree in “Education” specialising in Physical Education and prepare to sit for the CAPEPES (Ministry of National Education’s Physical Education Teacher Certification Exam).

The Faculty also pursues a coherent research strategy. The Handibio Research Unit and the Research Unit for Human Movement, Education, Sports, and Health (LAMHESS) are affiliated with the Faculty : The Master’s Degree in STAPS is also affiliated with the Doctoral School “Human Movement Science,” which enables students to pursue their PhD.



Bachelor’s Degrees

Master’s Degrees

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