Student Associations at the University of Toulon

The University of Toulon supports student associations. Indeed, associations play an important role in making campus life more dynamic, promoting exchanges, and enabling students to develop their imagination and creativity. Many tools are available to guide and help students to accomplish any project whether athletic, cultural, or humanitarian…

The University of Toulon is home to over 30 diverse student associations which organize activities, events, or meetings which may be subsidized by organizations like the “Fonds de Solidarité et de Développement des Initiatives étudiantes (FSDIE)”.

The Charter of Student Associations aims to promote Student Associations on campus and establishes the rights and obligations of its member associations.

The Department of Student Life, with four full-time staff members, provides guidance and advice. Moreover, in Building EVE on the La Garde Campus, student associations have a fully equipped office and all the facilities at their disposal.

Finally, the “Federation des oeuvres Laïques” has office hours to provide any advice and information about running and managing an association.

You will find all the information concerning the associations (fields of action, contacts) in this directory

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