International Strategy

With its 9 Faculties and 15 Research Units, the University of Toulon is committed to international development.

The University welcomes nearly 1,200 international students and student-researchers from more than 80 different countries.

Mobility for Students

The University of Toulon encourages students to benefit from international experiences by working to develop both incoming and outgoing student mobility as well as double degree programmes.

Studying Abroad

Having the opportunity to do a portion of your studies abroad is truly a rewarding experience. It provides students with both the knowledge and interpersonal skills needed for a successful career. The mission of the University of Toulon is to provide students who wish to study abroad with the required international framework to ensure a truly rewarding experience.

To facilitate outgoing mobility, students may strengthen their language skills at the Language Resource Center (CRL), certify their level in a language, or even take certain modules of their studies in a foreign language as a part of European Courses. Financial assistance for studying abroad is also available to help students make the most of the experience.

The University of Toulon offers double degree programmes for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate’s Degrees with partner universities in Brazil, Vietnam, The United Kingdom, Ukraine, and most recently in Peru.

Incoming Students

In welcoming international students, the University of Toulon favours a qualitative personalized approach, offering students a warm welcome, facilitating integration, and providing them with linguistic and academic support.

Mobility for Researchers

The University of Toulon also has a voluntary international policy for its researchers. There is a programme to welcome distinguished Guest Researchers. They become members of the faculty and research teams and fully participate in the academic and research activities of the University of Toulon.

Expanding in Asia

The University of Toulon is exporting experience and knowledge in both academics and research.

In Vietnam, the University of Toulon proposes Chemistry and Management courses to over 300 students in Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. We are also developing courses for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies.
Our commitment in Vietnam is a perfect example.

The Vietnamese students at the Hanoi University of Science can obtain a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree with instruction in French before enrolling in a Doctorate’s program. To extend the strategy to encompass research, the Franco-Vietnamese Research Centre “ERIPOLE” was created under the joint responsibility of the MAPIEM Research Centre and the Hanoi University of Science.

Erasmus Mundus

The University of Toulon is a member of the HERMES Erasmus Mundus programme. 20 universities work together to promote academic and scientific exchanges between Europe and the Middle East.