BABEL Research Unit

Host Team EA 2649

The Babel Research Unit has developed as a result of the pluri- and interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers from the Faculty of Languages and Humanities in the fields of : French language and literatures ; comparative literature ; languages and cultures of the English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, Italian and Euro-Mediterranean worlds ; humanities and social sciences.

Research Unit Management

Director : Gilles LEYDIER, University Professor
Deputy Director : Laure LEVEQUE, University Professor

Research Unit Staff

The Babel Research Unit is composed of about 60 members, including doctorate students and 35 permanent professors and researchers

Research Themes / Teams

The multidisciplinary activity of the Babel Research Unit is organized around 3 hubs : languages, literatures, cultures and societies. It is currently composed of 5 research teams

TEAM " Corps, genre, santé " (Heads : Alain MORELLO, Mcf & Martine SAGAERT, PREM)

It focus on the issues of gender, health and/or medicine by using different approaches (literature, linguistics, sociology, anthropology, history, philosophy, and medicine) in order to tackle discrimination.

TEAM " Écritures des espaces euro-méditerranéens " (Heads : Jacques-Emmanuel BERNARD, Pr & Laure LÉVÊQUE, Pr)

It focus on the specific geographic area of the ‘Euro-mediterranean zone’ and studies the literary, artistic and cultural productions and the issue of cultural heritage.

TEAM " Monde anglophone contemporain" (Head : Gilles LEYDIER, Pr)

It is composed of scholars specialized in cultural studies, history and political science and focuses on contemporary political and social issues in different areas of the English-speaking world (the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, North America, Australia and some Commonwealth countries).

TEAM « Sémantique, énonciation, traduction » (Head : Michèle MONTE, PREM)

It studies interactions between discourses and societies from different linguistic areas (French, English, Spanish, Italian) and focuses on lexical and discursive semantics (including denominations and figurative senses).

TEAM " Textes et livres " (Heads : Salhia BEN-MESSAHEL, Pr & José GARCIA ROMEU, Pr)

It studies books as scientific objects and focuses on textualities and textual analysis

Scientific Support to the Master’s Degrees at the Faculty of Languages and Humanities

  • Master Languages and societies
    Options : (1) Discourses, Politics, Media / (2) Information processing, Linguistics, Translation
  • Master Languages et Humanities / Option : Literature, Culture, Heritage
  • Master Civilisations, Cultures and societies
    Options : (1) International political studies in the English-speaking world / (2) International political studies in the Euro-mediterranean world