Faculty of Law


With one campus in the heart of Toulon and another in Draguignan, the Faculty of Law welcomes more than 2000 students.

From Bachelor’s to Doctorate’s Degrees, the Faculty of Law offers a complete range of degrees in law. Students may enrol in a General or Professional Bachelor’s or pursue their Master’s Degree in one of the following fields :

  • Justice, lawsuits and procedures
  • Public law
  • Corporate law
  • Notarial law ;
  • Social law.

In the 2nd year Master’s Degree, the University of Toulon Faculty of Law offers 12 degrees affiliated with the Jean-Claude ESCARRAS Centre for Comparative Law and Politics (CDPC-JCE, équipe de l’UMR Droit international, comparé et européen, DICE, CNRS-UMR 7318) and/or the Centre for Litigation Studies and Research (CERC, EA 3164).
Students may also pursue a PHD at either of these Research Units. In 2013, these two Research Units welcomed more than 80 doctoral students.

To reinforce the framework offered in the Bachelor’s Degree programme, the Toulon Faculty of Law evaluates students based on continuous assessment which enables students to better evaluate their progress through the academic year. Moreover, students are encouraged to participate in cultural and athletic events as well as internships to earn bonus points as a part of their degree. Students who wish to study abroad can benefit from the exchange programmes the Faculty of Law has with universities in Italy, Spain and in Ottawa (Canada).
The Toulon Faculty of Law also requires foreign language courses as a part of every degree and starting in 2013-2014 offers a European Section to all 3rd year Bachelor’s Degree students who wish to improve their language skills by taking certain law courses in English. In all of our Degree programmes whether Bachelor’s or Master’s, the Faculty of Law offers tutorials with limited class sizes so that students receive the proper individual attention necessary to ensure academic and professional success.

The Toulon Faculty of Law is also accessible to students who have not passed the French Baccalauréat. Students who have not graduated from high school and who successfully complete the 2-year “Capacité en Droit” programme may then pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.


Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Law

Professional Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Legal affairs : careers in Real Estate law
  • Legal affairs : careers in Labour law

Master’s Degrees

• Justice, lawsuits and procedure

  • Judicial Litigation
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Exercise of Fundamental Rights
  • Exercise of the Rights of Aliens

• Public law

  • Security and Defense
  • Administration, territories and environment

• Notarial Law

• Social Law

  • Human Resources
  • Law and Management of Health and Social Care

• Corporate Law

  • Contract and Business Law
  • Banking Law
  • Law and Estate Management