Institute of Business Administration


The Institute of Business Administration (IAE) is a School of Management (article L713-9 of the Education Code), member of the IAE France Network, dedicated to Higher Education and Research in Management and Management Sciences. It provides high level programs (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees) to students recruited after a selection process after a minimum of 2 years in Higher Education. These programs cover various fields in Management with a view to meeting the current challenges of the business world. Students are individually supervised throughout their studies through tutored projects and internships. Two associations contribute to student life and graduates’ employability : IAE Moove and IAE Toulon Alumni.

IAE Toulon obtained the Qualicert services certification in 2018.

Specialised in Management and Administration, IAE Toulon proposes :

  • a professional Bachelor’s degree dedicated to Management and Accounting (organised as a work-study program, the course is available for Higher Education and Continuous Education)
  • two specializations : "Management" and "Accounting, Control and Auditing", which are integrated into the Bachelor’s degree in Economic and Management Sciences
  • a Master’s degree in "Management and Business Administration" accessible to all graduates with 4 or 5 years of Higher Education in disciplines other than Management
  • a Master’s Degree in Finance with a specialization in "Corporate Finance and Management Control"
  • a Master’s Degree in Management with two specializations : "Sustainable Human Resources Management" and "Quality and Sustainable Development Management"
  • a Master’s degree in Marketing specializing in " Cross-channel Marketing and Customer Relations”

Entry to the IAE is selective. Recruitment is based on the student’s application and on completion of a national test (SCORE IAE MESSAGE), followed by a possible interview. In constant evolution, IAE Toulon regularly updates and rearranges its programs. The Degree courses also benefit from the support of research work carried out in the CERGAM laboratory, which offers the students the opportunity to pursue a PhD.
The courses offered at IAE combine theoretical and practical knowledge. Courses are taught by lecturers and researchers in a permanent position at the institute, by industry professionals as well as by lecturers and researchers from partner universities in France or abroad. Innovative teaching and real-life working situation are taking a large part of the curriculum (group work, business games, video clips, tests and online teaching resources). In order to promote professional opportunities for the students, supervised projects and internships are included in the programs. Each year, the IAE Alumni Association organizes a Job/Internship Fair, inviting many local businesses.

With almost half of its students being international, IAE is part of an international dynamic. The institute also promotes studies abroad in partnership with American, Asian, African and European universities.

Lastly, IAE offers a Third year Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Control and Auditing, a Master’s degree in Finance at the Academy of Finance in Hanoi (Vietnam) and offers a dual Bachelor’s degree / Benke Degree in Management Sciences with several partner universities in China.


Bachelor’s Degrees (in collaboration with the School of Economics and Management)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management Specialising in General Management (MG)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management Specialising in Accounting Control Auditing (CCA)

Professional Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Careers in Management and Accounting Specialising in Financial and Accounting Management

One year Degrees

  • One year Degree in Student Entrepreneurs
  • One year Degree in Quality Management and Sustainable Tourism

Master’s Degrees

  • Master’s Degree in Management and Business Administration
  • Master’s Degree in Management Specialising in Quality and Sustainable Development Management
  • Master’s Degree in Management Specialising in Sustainable Management of Human Resources
  • Master’s Degree in Finance Specialising in Corporate Finance and Management Control
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing and Sales Specialising in Cross-channel Marketing and Customer Relations