Institute of Technology


The Institute of Technology has 7 specialities and 8 departments : :

  • Sales Techniques
  • Business Management and Administration (La Garde and Draguignan)
  • Biological Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing
  • Industrial Engineering and Maintenance
  • Mechanics and Industrial Automation
  • Multimedia and Internet

Students may enrol :

  • As full-time students
  • As part of a sandwich course

And earn two different types of degrees :

  • The DUT (2-Year University Degree) with a nationally recognized curriculum.
  • A Professional Bachelor’s Degree (after obtaining a 2-year university degree – DUT, BTS, or L2)

The DUTs combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience and provide :

  • Continued Assessment
  • Personalised Assistance for Students
  • Coursework Taught by Industry Professionals
  • Student Projects
  • Company Internships
  • Student Counselling for their Career Plan

Certain DUT degrees also propose a European Section which offers traditional coursework in a foreign language and opportunities to study abroad. For DUT degrees, students can increase their overall mark by 5% thanks to sports and cultural activities.

Choose the IUT and Prepare for your Future !


2-Year University Degrees

  • Biology engineering :
    Biological and biochemical analyses
    Environmental engineering
  • Electrical and computer engineering
  • Industrial engineering and maintenance
  • Mechanical engineering production automation
  • Businesses and administration management
    Elective : Finance – Accounting
    Elective : Organisational Management
  • Marketing techniques
  • Careers in Multimedia and Internet

Professional Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Automated Systems, Networks and Industrial Computing
    Supervised Automation
    Embedded Computing Systems
  • Energy Efficiency, Electricity, Sustainable Development
  • Insurance, Banking, Finance : customer Service Representative
  • Organisational Management
    Project Management
    Human Resources Management
  • Careers in etrepreneurship
    Business creation ex-nihilo
    Business Take-over
  • E-commerce and digital marketing
    E-Commerce and Web Design
    E-Commerce and E-Customers
  • Careers in Industry
  • Design and Improvement of Industrial Processes and Procedures
    Naval Maintenance and Marine Industry
  • Careers in Quality
  • Communication and Development of Artistic Creation