International Exchange Students

With numerous exchange programs, the University of Toulon (UTLN) offers international students the opportunity to study in Toulon for a semester or full academic year. To find out if your institution has a partnership with the University of Toulon contact the International Relations Department of your institution.

Applicants for the 2024/2025 Academic year

We’d like to congratulate you on being chosen by your institution to study at the University of Toulon ! Here at the University of Toulon, you’ll receive a warm and personalized welcome.

Exchange Programs : Erasmus +, BCI, Erasmus Mundus, Cooperation Agreements, Free Mover

Exchange programs

  • You enrol and pay tuition at your home university
  • You are exonerated from paying tuition at the University of Toulon
  • You follow the classes stipulated in your « learning agreement » (contrat d’études).

Prior to arrival

You must apply on-line.

As soon as your home institution has selected your application, the Department of International Relations at the University of Toulon will directly contact you by e-mail to inform you of the procedures to follow.

Your application

Once your application has been submitted on-line, your application will be processed by our Department of International Relations. You will need to upload the following documents with your online application.

  • University Transcript of reccords of your previous academic year.

Your application must be submitted online: :

  • prior to May 31st 2024 for Autumn Semester students.
  • prior to October 31st 2024 for Spring Semester students.


Students wishing to apply for on-campus housing (CROUS) must indicate it in their online application. They must also create an account on the CROUS site.
Rooms are limited. We will be unable to satisfy all requests for on-campus accommodation. However, alternative accommodation arrangements can be made in the private sector. For more information :

Documents required for enrolment at the university

Before leaving, you will need to prepare the originals and photocopies of the following documents which will be required for enrolment at the university of Toulon :

For all international students

  • Valid ID card or passport
  • Proof of third-party liability insurance : it is possible to purchase insurance after your arrival in France

For students from the European Union

  • European Health Insurance Card

For students from countries outside the European Union

  • Visa de Long Séjour valant titre de séjour étudiant (student visa)
  • an original copy of your birth certificate with filiation and a certified legal French translation (for Canadians, a certificate of filiation is required) in order to join the French Sécurité Sociale for students (French Health Insurance for students), which is mandatory and free of charge for all students from outside the European Union
  • Canadians from Québec do not have to join the French Sécurité Sociale. However, they must provide forms 3013 and SE401-Q-106.

For exchange students (Erasmus+, BCI, cooperation agreements, free mover …)

  • Learning agreement
  • Valid student card for the academic year during your mobility

For students graduating at UTLN

  • Notification for admission at UTLN for students selected on cooperation programs
  • transcript of records of secondary education qualification with a certified translation in French
  • last university qualification/certificate/diploma with a certified translation in French
  • Certificat de scolarité (Enrolment certificate) for UTLN students on a delocalized program
  • Attestation d’acquittement CVEC - Receipt for payment of Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC) - a mandatory contribution which gives rights to take part to cultural and sport activities : online payment (100€ in 2023-24) and ’attestation’ from :

Visa and Resident Permit

  • A Certificate of financial resources in the amount of approximately €615 per month (proof of a standing electronic funds transfer, scholarship or family support) is required for a visa, if you are coming to study at UTLN outside a partnership agreement signed with our institution. For more information and to submit your application for a visa, please connect to the official site :

NB : Students from outside the European Union are required to register on the Campus France website of their respective country when the ‘Etudes en France’ procedure is available in their country.

For more information, please read our Welcome book