Journée d’étude : Géopoétique des espaces tiers

Jeudi 4 mai 2023 • À partir de 09h30
Salle SPI • RDC de la Bibliothèque Universitaire • Campus de La Garde

The conference addresses the way in which fiction and the construction of imaginaries can generate alternative modes of inhabiting and relating to a territory ; alternative modes of thinking and experiencing otherness.
Drawing from postmodern and postcolonial thought, the use of the physical environment as a space of discourse and spatial history to apprehend social, cultural and political issues, will be questioned through the "dialectic of interdependence between Western and non-Western histories, between fundamentally heterogeneous and permeable cultures" (Charkrabarty). Whether such dialectic advocates a relation, an entanglement or a cooptation in interstitial and in-between spaces, and thus design a space for radicant individuals in a global environment, whether it implies a rethinking/rewriting of the Anthropocene (Bourriaud).