Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO)

MIO • UTLN• AMU UM 110• CNRS UMR 7294• IRD UMR 235

The Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography has a team of 250 scientists and engineers, 60 of which are based at the University of Toulon. The MIO brings together researchers from Aix-Marseille University, the University of Toulon and the research institutes of CNRS and IRD.

The MIO focuses its multidisciplinary research in the observation and the understanding of processes at sea including those at the interfaces with the atmosphere or the seashore. Thus incorporating all aspects of oceanography : biology, microbiology, biogeochemistry, ecology, physics, modelling, in situ measurements and remote sensing.

The MIO at the University of Toulon has three main research teams of Marine physicists, chemists and biologists.
Research activities in physics concern the ocean-atmosphere environment, from the open sea to the seashore. These studies are based on in situ measurement and observation, analysis and physical (test basins) and numerical modeling.

MIO Chemists are involved in the determination and characterization of contaminants in the marine environment, the role of organic matter in their transfer into water and sediments, and in the development of spectroscopy.

Biologists study the structure and functioning of marine coastal and pelagic systems and the impact of anthropogenic inputs on populations and communities. Their research also specializes in studying the influence of the biotic compartment on the fate of contaminants in the marine environment.

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