Research Strategy

A University of Toulon that is expanding internationally

The University of Toulon is pursuing international recognition. Our professors and researchers travel around the world attending the most prestigious conventions in their field. Each year, the University of Toulon invites over 60 foreign researchers
to come to Toulon to collaborate with one of our University’s fifteen Research Units.

The University of Toulon emphasizes interdisciplinary studies. The research teams focus on very diverse subjects. Having Master’s Degrees that are affiliated with the Research Units greatly influences and enhances the quality of the curriculum.

For this reason, many international students choose to pursue their Master’s Degree at the University of Toulon (380 international students in 2012-2013 or 21%). The same is true for the University’s Doctoral Schools (120 international PhD students or 51%).

The students come from many different countries (Northern Africa 32 %, Asia 30 %, Sub-Saharan Africa 18 %, European Union 10 %, North and South America 3 %...)

Research in Toulon : Very diverse subjects

Due to the geographical situation of the University of Toulon and the surrounding economy, a majority of the research relates to the Mediterranean Sea (sea current modelling, sediment pollution, anti-corrosion materials, and the economic development of coastal cities). However, thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of the University of Toulon, many other areas of research are possible (literature, law, mathematics, nanotechnologies, fundamental physics or computer science).

Students benefiting from research

Starting in your first year of studies, you will benefit from the faculty’s rich experience in research. When you enrol in a Master’s Degree programme you will become more familiar with the team of researchers affiliated with the Research Unit. If you decide to pursue a PhD, you will actively participate in research.