SeaTech School of Engineering


Located on the Mediterranean coast, the SeaTech School of Engineering focuses on marine sciences and technologies while offering a solid background in Engineering.

In the current context of globalisation and ever accelerating progress of technology, the SeaTech School of Engineering responds to the diverse challenges of demanding, innovative, and booming industries. It is the only Engineering School in the PACA region to be a member of the Concours Commun Polytechnique. Students who have a 2-year university degree may apply for a 3-year Engineering Degree programme.

The SeaTech School of Engineering offers Engineering Degrees in the following fields :

  • Marine Engineering
  • Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science and Networks

Students will acquire the knowledge and skills that match their personal and professional ambitions.

Students will have a competitive advantage in career opportunities not only in Marine Sciences and Technology, but in the fields of Energy, the Environment, Defence, Transportation and Information Technology as well.

As is true with many local industries, the SeaTech School of Engineering is developing international recognition by meeting the demands of businesses. SeaTech relies on a vast network of industries that actively take part in the degrees offered so that the curriculum is continually tailored to the needs of businesses. In addition, the training is further enriched by the numerous technological and scientific innovations in Marine Science that are developed by SeaTech’s highly respected Research Units.

SeaTech is a part of the University of Toulon and is located in a new state-of-the-art building on the 35 hectare tree-filled campus, offering students ideal study conditions and an exceptional environment.


  • Engineering Master’s Materials, Durability, and Environment Track
  • Engineering Master’s Marine Engineering
  • Engineering Master’s Modelling Fluid Dynamics and Structures
  • Engineering Master’s Mechanical Innovation for Sustainable Systems Track
  • Engineering Master’s Mechatronic and Robotic Systems
  • Engineering Master’s Computer Science, Telecommunications, and Imaging
  • Engineering Diploma in Materials