Soutenance de HDR de Luca PLACIDI

Le Bureau des Études Doctorales a le plaisir de vous informer que

Monsieur Luca PLACIDI,

présentera publiquement ses travaux en vue de l’obtention du Diplôme HDR discipline Mécanique, génie mécanique, génie civil, sur le thème suivant :

Enhanced continuum mechanics

En raison d’une arrivée retardée de certains membres du jury, la soutenance de HDR débutera à 14h.

Le mercredi 30 mars 2016 à 14h00, à l’Université de Toulon, Campus de la Garde, Amphi bâtiment M, devant un jury composé de :

  • Claude Boutin, Professeur des Universités, ENTPE, rapporteur
  • Jean-Françcois Ganghoer, Professeur des Universités, LEMTA-ENSEM, rapporteur
  • Pierre Seppecher, Professeur des Universités, Université de Toulon, rapporteur
  • Francesco dell’Isola, Professeur des Universités, Université de Rome, Examinateur
  • Frédéric Lebon, Professeur des Universités, université Aix-Marseille, Examinateur
  • Manuel Collet, Directeur de Recherche, CNRS LTDS, Examinateur


In the thesis, I will expose the works that I did after the achievement of my second PhD. Thus, I will focus the exposition on the research activity from 2007. Besides, a survey on the research projects I intend to carry forward will be addressed.

The topics of my past-career will be classified into three parts : (i) Mixture theory and applications to glaciology and to electro-active materials, (ii) Nonlinear dynamics and civil engineering applications and (iii) Micro-structured continua.

In the first part, I will collect the results obtained as a continuation of the two PhD works, that are related to both PhD theses and that were investigated during the post-doc time. In particular, the dispersion relations of pre-stressed solid-fluid mixtures, the dynamics of Ionic Polymeric Composites and the numerical simulations on the dynamics of large ice masses modelled via the anisotropic model (the so called CAFFE-model) developed during the first PhD thesis will be discussed.

In the second part, I will collect the works related to nonlinear dynamics. In particular, I will address the non-smooth dynamics that have been investigated in my past-career and the related applications to civil engineering of repeated and low velocity impact problems.
The last third part will collect the greater number of publications related to the post-doctoral time. Nowadays, microstructured continua is considered a hot topic in the recent literature of continuum me-chanics and it has been investigated by me not only with numerical investigations but also with some theoretical contributions.
A survey on the research projects I intend to carry forward during my future career will also be addressed.

In particular, I will focus the attenction on two open problems mainly related to the third part of the presentation of my past-career (micro-structured continua) and also connected with the other two. The first is the problem of the material characterization of non-local theories for reinforced concrete and the second is the problem of the design of band-gap metamaterials in terms of continuum models, numerical simulations and experimental realization.

I will expose not only the descriptions of each research project and their relation with my past-career, but also the ideas behind them. I will tehrefore briefly expose the vision of science that will lead my research activities and I will expose how such a vision will be implemented into the entire course of my future career.