Student Life Services

In order to meet the needs of its students, the University of Toulon has 4 departments dedicated to student life.

Department of Student Life

Student Life is also a privileged moment to discover, grow, and exchange ideas through cultural activities, associations, student government and volunteer work.
The Department of Student Life (SVE) team develops and enhances student life by providing administrative support for associations, elected student officials, cultural missions and students with disabilities.
The Department of Student Life is in charge of organizing the 2 week-long Student Life events that take place each year.


Students are encouraged to participate in artistic workshops and take advantage of free shows that take place on campus. Thanks to agreements with certain cultural venues, students may also attend some events for free or a modest 1 euro fee.

Student Associations

The Department of Student Life will assist student associations in applying for subsidies, provide training and administrative support. The department works closely with the Office of Student Associations.

Student Government

A university is a democratic institution with a Student Body Vice-President and elected student representatives who play an active role in the institution. The Department of Student Life works with these student representatives on a daily basis.

Students with Disabilities

The Department of Student Life offers students with disabilities suitable arrangements for their studies with human services and/or technical assistance at no cost.

You will find additional information on Student Life, Transportation, and Accommodation in the lobby of Building EVE (La Garde Campus). The Department of Student Life also publishes a weekly newsletter on events and important information for the upcoming week.

The Athletics Department (SUAPS)

The University provides its students with the opportunity to practice one or several sports, regardless of the student’s level (lien vers activités sportives). The Athletics Department (SUAPS) proposes more than 30 sports activities either for leisure or competition. Students may :

  • join different sporting activities within the university : team and/or individual sports
  • participate in sports events or week-end outings : skiing, nautical sports…
  • enter competitions through the “fédération française de sport universitaire”
  • be granted special arrangements for their studies as elite athletes.

The University Department of Preventive Medicine and Health (SUMPPS)

The University Department of Preventive Medicine and Health (SUMPPS) has a team of doctors, nurses and administrative personnel to welcome students. The department is in charge of :

  • Systematic medical screening visits
  • Mandatory medical examinations for 1st year University students
  • Immunization verification including booster shots. The department is an authorized vaccination center
  • Emergency and scheduled medical appointments
  • Screenings for maladaptation, psychomotor or mental impairments which can be medically treated to help students adjust to university life
  • Individual appointments on various health issues
  • Emergency and First-Aid treatment

Department of Social Services

Students who would like to receive information, advice or assistance should contact the Department of Social Services for an appointment. Social Service Assistants will work with students to find solutions their problems, inform them of any formalities that need to be undertaken, and/or refer them to another department as needed.