Student Life Strategy

Studying is not only about acquiring knowledge. That is why the University of Toulon is devoted to providing students with the best quality of life.

At the University of Toulon, we are committed to encouraging and rewarding the initiatives of students on campus.

To ensure the highest quality of life, the President of the University has appointed the Vice-President in charge of student life to closely work with the Student Body Vice-President to coordinate and continuously improve student life. They are the point of contact for associations, elected officials, and students regarding essential issues such as health, sports, culture, accommodation, and dining services. In addition, there is a department dedicated to assisting students with disabilities.

Twice a year, the University organizes two week-long events : “Ça bouge à l’Université” to celebrate the beginning of the academic year in October and “Printemps de l’Université” in March as the summer break approaches. These events are a moment to exchange, share, and discover - focusing on sports, culture, health, encounters, and all the initiatives undertaken by students and/or student associations. They highlight the numerous activities proposed throughout the year by the University in collaboration with our regional partners.

Contributing to the image of the University of Toulon and the surrounding area, there is also a social aspect to student life. The University of Toulon is committed to providing students with every opportunity for personal development and success during their studies.